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Among the most frequent finishes for cork walls we find:

Varnish. The main reasons why varnish is applied to cork walls are, on the one hand, the protection that this product provides to wood and other materials, including cork, and on the other hand, an aesthetic issue, whether it is trying to match the decoration or looking for some kind of contrast. The use of water-based varnish is recommended to maintain the natural contrasts of the cork. The result may not be good in pre-waxed cork linings.
Painting. As with the varnish, on the walls covered with waxed cork the result will not be good. Painting on cork is not complicated, although you should be aware that it will lose its natural appearance, although on the other hand this will be what you are looking for when using paint. In these cases, other characteristics of cork wall coverings are sought.

TEC Cork

Insulation of buildings with cork
Ecology, anti-humidity, acoustic, thermal
High-quality projected cork
Advice for construction of apartments and houses

Technical specifications of cork sheets Panel measurements: 50 × 100 cm. Panel thicknesses: various measurements from 2 cm to 12-14 cm approximately. Density: from 100 to 150 kg / m³ Thermal conductivity coefficient: between 0.036 and 0.041 W / mK.

More about it, its Cork coverings are a more than interesting option to decorate walls. Thanks to the ease of working with cork and the amount of product with which it can be combined, among which varnishes, stains and paints stand out, the possibilities are much more than what is usually thought. On the one hand, cork coverings can be found in very different textures, from smooth and smooth finishes to more raw ones. that is also easy to find it in natural or waxed finishes, with this last option achieving the natural contrasts of this raw material, in addition to achieving some protection.

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